Saturday, July 19, 2008

Envying those giant 3-lb. babies...

... and also those hugely pregnant ladies.

Micropreemies are babies born at LESS than 26 weeks gestational age. These are TINY babies, usually weighing less than 1 lb 11 oz. While definitely a part of the preemie population, these babies are different from other preemies in so many ways.As the parent of a micropreemie, it is sometimes hard to have your teeny tiny little child lumped in with the much larger 32-37 week population. It may not feel relevant when another parent wants to share the story of their son or daughter who was born a month early. It is equally difficult to listen to women late in a pregnancy complain and state how much they're ready for it to be over.All of this is a lesson in patience. And a reminder that we all need to think before we volunteer or opinions and stories to those who may be in a sensitive place.

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