Monday, July 21, 2008

Self-education for the purpose of advocation...

We have the honor of speaking on behalf of our local children's hospital this evening. I am so eager to share our story and perhaps to inspire some of those who are able to donate to such a wonderful place. Were it not for the state-of-the-art facilities caring for our daughter, she likely would not have made it.

We encourage you to take a few moments and learn about the children's hospitals in your area. Learn what they excel at. Find out what departments are hurting. Educate yourself and be inspired in the process! This will enable you to make informed decisions the next time a cashier asks if you'd like to make a donation.

If you are a parent, currently enduring the micro-preemie roller coaster, learn what the strengths and weaknesses of your particular hospital are. Do not be afraid to ask. We were fortunate to have our daughter in one of the top three NICU's in the country. However, when it came time to have her eye surgery, they were very forthcoming with the fact that we should travel to get optimal treatment. And so we made the 3-hr trip to Chicago to ensure the best care. Many a baby has survived because he or she was transported to a different, more capable hospital for whatever the individual issue may be. Advocate. Challenge. Educate yourself.

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