Monday, December 15, 2008

A Couple Touches of Christmas...

Merry Christmas!

Back in October, I shared with you all how much I dislike Halloween decorations. On the flip-side, I absolutely adore Christmas decorations. Here are just a couple of little touches we bring out each year that help make the season special for us...

(My grandmother made ornaments for all of us each and every year of our childhoods... this Santa was the one she made in 1976, the year I was born...)

(This is Sparkle Cat. I adore Sparkle Cat. It is an ornament my mom gave to me when I was a college student. It always has a place of honor near the top of my tree... my hubby is not as big a fan, but, hey... :))

(This ornament is very special to me because it is the very first my daughter received and she actually received at on the day of her birth, Christmas Eve 2005. It was made for her by my sister-in-law's sister-in-law... does that make sense?)

(My Nativity Set. I love the classic, almost Renaissance-like beauty of it. I can imagine passing it down someday to a grandchild...)

(My Three Kings. My mom's mom made these for her. They were passed down to me as soon as I had my own home. I've loved them since I was a very little girl... I hope my little girl will love them too someday.)

For more beautiful decorations and signs of the holidays, be sure to check out BooMama's Tour of Homes.

For more wonderful Christmas recipes, make sure to be a part of our Bloggy Progressive Dinner which kicks off TODAY with Joy's fabulous drink recipe! The Progressive Dinner will be going on all week long so don't miss a course!


Amy @ Finer Things said...

My grandma makes us all an ornament each year, too!

Jennifer said...

You have some great homemade ornaments, those are the best kind.