Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Recovery Break

I feel my presence both online and on this blog has been a bit sporadic for the last few days. I'm sorry about that. Until C. and I both manage to fight these fevers and head-colds, it's not likely to change much.

Please check out the button on my right side-bar for more information about an exciting party we have going on next week! Parenting the Tiniest of Miracles will be part of a bloggy progressive dinner and we would all LOVE to have you participate.

Also coming up soon:
  • an update on what a high-risk, after-preemie pregnancy looks like so far
  • I'll talk about spending Christmas with a child on the brink of death, far from home...
  • a special celebration as our little girl turns the big 3!
Thanks for hanging in there with me!

1 comment:

Ryann said...

Sending healing thoughts your way. Head colds are the worst! Lots of fluids and lots of quiet time. Rest up now while you can!