Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Ten Quirky Things About Me and Soggy Food

You know, I've gone through my whole life with all these little quirks and they never seemed like much of a big deal until I listed them all out here.  So, thanks Amanda, for making me realize I may be a little neurotic about my food...

Just for fun, dear readers, here are ten examples of just how much I despise soggy food:

  1. I can't handle mayo or dressing or anything WET on my sandwiches.  I also don't put ketchup ON the bun of a burger; I dip.
  2. I don't even eat syrup on my pancakes, waffles, or French toast.
  3. I use two tablespoons or less milk on my cereal.  Seriously, every bite needs to retain crunch.
  4. I don't like sour cream to touch a taco shell... it makes it soft.
  5. You won't find me dunking cookies in milk.
  6. When people talk about pouring milk or cream over baked oatmeal, it makes me wonder why they're ruining a good thing.
  7. I hate the part of the pie crust that's under the fruit.
  8. If I have an ice cream cone, it has to be a sugar cone because those wafer things get mushy!
  9. I dislike soggy bread so much, I tuck my pickle slices between the meat and cheese so the juice won't hit the bread.
  10. I don't "sop things up."  This would go against my nature, clearly.
So there you go.  Rest assured, I'm actually an easy one to feed.  I like a wide array of flavors and spices and I have no dietary restrictions.  Just don't give me the stink-eye when you see how I handle my condiments.

C'mon, now... make me feel better.  What food quirks do you have?  Tell me all about it!

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