Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Photo Collages

Have you ever seen those photo collages that they put together at Sears? The ones with all the different close-up shots of the baby parts? Well, I love them. I love everything about the idea. After all, baby parts are just so darn cute and precious. Okay, so there's one thing I don't love- the price tag. Those specialty prints can really add up. Especially when you consider that not only would we want a copy, but both sets of grandparents would likely appreciate one too.

One day I mused to my husband, "I wonder if I could create one of my own..."

"Bet we could," came his reply.

And that was that.

Let me just make it very clear that neither my husband nor I is a great photographer. Worse, we're both horrible about even REMEMBERING to take pictures. My whole family is like this. My brother and sister wisely married people who are great about taking pictures. But me? I picked a man just like me. And so... well, we have to really work to commemorate major events.

Anyway, despite my lack of photography skills, I think they turned out pretty cute. I purchased 8 1/2" x 11" photo paper and some pretty $5 frames at Target. I cropped and magnified until I had the shots I wanted and my husband formatted them to fit evenly in an 8" x 10" space so they would look good in the frame. We printed two in sepia and framed them in cherry and two in black and white and framed those in black.

My son, A, at 12-14 months

For well under $10 a piece, we created our own photo collages- a much thriftier option than the $29.99 each for the unframed version.

My daughter, C, at 2-4 months

Pretty soon, we'll have to do another set of them showcasing all of G's cute little baby parts. Knowing I can do three of them, framed, for under $20? That works for me!

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Jenna said...

Wow! Those look great! I'm so going to try that! I really wanted one of those, too, but couldn't justify the price tag!

The Activity Mom said...

great idea!