Thursday, June 4, 2009

"Three Things You Should Know" Thursday

(originally posted 7/24/08)

Today's "Three Things" involve the size of micropreemies... many people refer to any baby born weighing less than two pounds as a "micropreemie". Babies that small are tiny preemies to be sure. But, to be more accurate...

1. The term "micropreemie" medically refers to the gestational age of the preemie (<26 style="color: rgb(102, 51, 102);">

2. That being said, over 95% of micropreemies are born weighing less than 1 lb 11 oz.

3. Micropreemies are so small, their weight is always measured in grams, not pounds. Parents of these tiny miracles quickly learn that 454 g = 1 lb. I am a master at metrics conversions now.

I look forward to sharing more tidbits about these tiny babies and the parents who raise them!

(Side note-- Way "back in the day", I had planned to open up "Three Things You Should Know" Thursday as meme with a Mr. Linky... so you all could share three things the rest of us should know about the topic of your choice. Would anyone be interested in this? Please leave a comment or email me if so!)

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