Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Oddball Snacks

If you were to ask me what I'd like for a snack, I have to admit I'd probably mention something like Doritos or a brownie. If I were really feeling healthy, I might suggest some fruit and a glass of soy milk.

When it comes to offering snacks to kids, I recommend a balance. My kids often get (and enjoy!) cheese, fruit, yogurt or wheat crackers for a snack. But you know what? I'm a cookie-mama too. I absolutely let my children have sweets. And sometimes cheesy snacks with a dubious orange color. I pride myself on the wide range of things I offer...

But even more important perhaps? Let your kids be your guide once in a while. When I let my son "name his snack" the other day, do you know what he came up with?

Dry spaghetti. Seriously.

It could be worse.
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1 comment:

Victoria said...

Funny enough - my husband eats dry spaghetti on occasion while cooking it. I thought he was the only one, now I know there's another out there. :-)