Tuesday, December 8, 2009

A Child's Priorities

"C'mon, C... speed up a little, Baby. We've got to GO."

It's the same drill every school morning. My middle child is not the speediest child in the morning. Like her daddy, she takes a little while to "wake up" and, no matter how long I give her (sometimes up to an hour!), she never can seem to finish her breakfast with more than five minutes to spare to rush out the door.

I'm a morning person. And I tend to be early. Needless to say, this routine wreaks havoc on my nerves.

This morning was the same ol' story...

"C... c'mon please, Sweetie, we have to go NOW! I told you to head on downstairs- I'll catch up, I promise."

She hesitated on the top step. I felt my anxiety levels go up as I glanced at the "8:28" illuminated on the clock- the bus comes at 8:30. Then I heard her soft, breathy voice...

"Bye, bye, A. I love you!"

"Bye C, I love you too! I'll see you this afternoon."

She may not always be on time, but she has her priorities straight. She'd stopped to say goodbye to her brother. Her thoughtfulness and unconditional love is a far greater gift than my punctuality.

How grateful I am when God helps me re-prioritize through the wisdom of my children.
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