Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Our Advent Wreath

I love Advent wreaths.

I always have.

As a little girl, one of the days I most looked forward to throughout the year was- not Christmas or Easter- but the week when they would light the pink candle at church. For me, this was a momentous occasion, a true celebration, year after year.

That pink candle still makes me smile. Part of it is that I'm a sucker for anticipation!

This is the very first year that our family has our own Advent wreath. When they announced that there would be a family Advent wreath-making celebration at our church, I made sure to get our family on the list right away.

Making the wreath together? So much fun. And such a special experience for my children! We gathered with more than a dozen other families to craft our wreaths and sing Christmas carols. Our priest spoke of the meaning and significance of the wreath and we all prayed together before enjoying homemade treats (each family brought one!) and cocoa or cider.

Had that been the end of it, it would have been worthwhile.

Even better? Every night before supper, Daddy lights the appropriate number of candles. I read the corresponding prayer and my 3- and 4-year olds sit in wonder. It is a tradition they already look forward to... they won't let us forget. :)

Having an Advent wreath- and praying with my family as we await the birth of our Lord- works for me.
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