Monday, August 18, 2008

"My story..." Monday, part 3

From the journal we kept in the early days following our daughter's early birth...


SUNDAY, JANUARY 08, 2006 01:30 PM, CST
well, after a bit of a rough day yesterday***, C is doing great today. she was having some big breathing problems yesterday and her blood pressure was falling. she also was having urine output problems, which made everyone worry about her kidneys. but, by last night, her respiration was wonderful, her diapers were VERY wet, and her blood pressure was well under control with the help of a little medicine. the doctor and nurse practitioner are amazed by her quick turn-around and we are once again inspired by the strength of our tiny little girl. she's having a very good day today and is being weaned off of her bp meds. they think they may even be able to get her back to her conventional ventilator again in a day or two. we'll see... whatever she needs. she's using her pink and silver blanket that i crocheted for her, so that's nice to see... oh! and she's working SO hard at opening her eyes, we think we'll see them anyday now!

TUESDAY, JANUARY 10, 2006 09:59 AM, CST
Miss C is doing fine, still having her ups and downs throughout the day while fighting her infections. The nurses and doctors are doing a wonderful job of monitoring her and keeping her settings where she needs them. The echo of her heart came back clean, so that is great news and we were told that she has now opened one of her eyes. We are grateful for all the wonderful people who have shown their support and continue to pray for our special little girl.

***A quick clarification here... this is an example of my ever-optimistic spirit during these early days. "a bit of a rough day" actually translates to "five doctors and residents were pretty convinced she was going to die yesterday". In truth, that was the very, very worst day of our entire hospital experience.***

More to come next Monday...

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