Thursday, August 21, 2008

Providing Hospitality to the Hospitalized...

Fishmama has a great recipe swap going on over at Life as Mom. They're sharing recipes you can give to the proud new parents when a baby is born... what a fun topic!

Here are ten great things to deliver (in bag or box or basket) to the parents of a micropreemie who are unlikely to have a kitchen at their disposal:

  1. bottled water
  2. granola bars
  3. jerky
  4. pretzels/nuts
  5. pre-made sandwiches (bonus points if you enclose condiment packets)
  6. yogurt/pudding cups
  7. fruit (apples, bananas, pears, etc. hold up well)
  8. string cheese
  9. individual snack packs (little baggies full of trail mix would be perfect)
  10. gift card to a fast, local restaurant
Quick is the name of the game. Squeezing in protein and whole grains will help keep these new parents going. These may not look impressive or glamorous, but they will be much appreciated. Trust me.


FishMama said...

These are excellent suggestions, for friends in the hospital for any reason. Thanks for such practical advice!

Ryann said...

Like fishmama, I applaud your practical advice. It is something those of us who have been through this would think about, when others may be unware of the needs. Another thing to add would be a roll of quarters... for vending machines or laundry services. Gas cards are also wonderful if you know the parents will be driving back and forth to the hospital.

Karen said...

These are fantastic ideas!

Thanks for the suggestions.

Jessica said...

I could see how the items on this list would be a blessing to receive...sometimes we get so caught up in the big picture that we need to step back and realize that the little things can say "I'm thinking about you and your family" just as much.

Kama said...

Those are some great things to pass on to people in the hospital. I am due in 5 weeks and will definitely take some of those items along incase someone doesn't bring them!