Thursday, August 21, 2008

Smile at someone today...

Or, alternatively, "Be a pest like me..."

Either title could suit this post.

If you've been in the NICU for a little while now and have maybe settled in a bit (translation: you're no longer jumping at every beep and flash around you), I urge you to do just one extra thing today: Smile at someone new. It was kind of a standing joke between my husband, the nurses, and myself. I would always choose someone who looked super detached, lost, and- to be honest- unfriendly. That individual would become my "project".

Now, I'm not advocating that you truly pester or bother this person. Just be a consistent smile in his or her life. Say "hi". Introduce yourself if the opportunity arises. You'd be amazed at some of the relationships I managed to get going.

I like to think that maybe I brightened these individuals' lives a little. I can't say for sure. But I can tell you that it was wonderful for me.

And I can also tell you that I will forever be grateful to the couple who first smiled, said "hi", and introduced themselves to my husband and me...

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Ryann said...

Awesome post. I couldn't agree more. Even though our NICU discouraged visiting another child's bedside, we made a point to try to run into new parents in the waiting room or hallway and introduce ourselves. The first few days, or weeks were hard. It seemed like we were lost in a world we knew nothing about. I knew I needed to feel more at home in the NICU, since we were going to be there for a while (ended up 3 months). We are so lucky to have met some really wonderful friends at Riley NICU and continue to have a great support system because of this. There aren't many of us micropreemie moms in the world, but it's nice to know someone out there understands exactly what we are going through and will just be there no matter what the day brings. Even if you are a shy person, make the effort... it can't hurt, right?