Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Been There, Done That Docs

Like most people, between my own and my children's, I've had a wide variety of doctors. Most of them have been perfectly adequate. A few have been some real doozies. And, then, occasionally, it seems like we've hit the jackpot. There are two doctors that I take my children to regularly now- our general pediatrician and my daughter's pediatric ophthalmologist. They are both incredible, amazing men who excell at their chosen professions. Aside from being caring, professional, and knowledgable, I think I've fnally stumbled upon what helps make them excellent doctors...

They both have children. Several. Our ped has four and our eye doctor has three.

The result? They really understand how I feel when I bring up concerns. And, rather than just quoting textbook, they offer me solid advice AND consolation. Don't get me wrong- they certainly know their medical stuff. But they also know their parent stuff. And that combination makes them phenomenal resources for a mommy at the end of her rope.

I'll never forget when my little girl was just over a year old and had to have her eyes checked to make sure her retinas were still healthy after surgery. We have to go back to the children's hospital where she was born to have this followed, since they have a team of actual pediatric ophthalmologists. I sat in the exam room with her and resident after resident paraded in to try to do the initial check-up before Dr. N. came in. She was having NONE of it and, finally, the fifth unsuccessful resident through his hands in the air and declared, "I give up- we'll see what the Bossman can do with you!" When the "Bossman" (AKA Dr. N.) came in, he had a trail of five glum residents behind him. He stopped in the door frame and said this,

"So here's what I see- I see a baby girl who is perfectly content snuggled up against her mom's chest and eating Cheerios. I see no reason to change either of those scenarios."

And he proceeded to do the exam while C. snuggled and munched. You know what? No problems. No fussing. He had all the information he needed within five minutes.

But those young residents? No one had suggested anything like that to them in med school, I'm sure! They expected her to sit up straight on my lap and cooperate. Well... how'd that work for you? :)

I love having doctors who know what it's like to have young children. I love having "been there, done that docs".

Works for me.
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