Thursday, November 12, 2009

Allergy-Safe Drinkable Yogurt

Awhile back, I wrote about making your own yogurt drinks. This is both a convenient and frugal option. As I mentioned at the time, it also enabled me to "custom make" soy yogurt drinks for me then-finicky daughter. We are very fortunate to have no food allergies in our family, but my little girl went through a phase when we could only get her to drink and eat soy dairy products. We're past that, blessedly, but I haven't forgotten the lessons I learned.

Today FishMama is hosting a recipe swap of recipes for special dietary needs. It reminded me of my past Yogurt Drink post.

I want you to encourage you look beyond even my soy version of the yogurt drink. When you make your own, you can customize to meet the special needs of your own family. This method can easily be applied using rice milk products, coconut milk, or almond milk. So often, small babies who have dairy allergies also seem to have soy allergies or, at least, sensitivities to soy. Still, yogurt (and, thus, yogurt drinks) are a great source of nutrition for even small children. By learning to make your own, you can meet stay within necessary dietary restrictions and still allow your child the same type of "yogurt treat" the kiddos down the street may be enjoying.

I have no doubt there are those who can take it another step and make their OWN yogurt for these needs. But, if you're not quite there yet (like me), it's nice to know you can find the necessary ingredients to make your own custom-blended, allergy-safe yogurt drinks.

(**Bonus: As I mentioned early, these yogurt drinks are ideal for children who may swallowing issues too-- their thickened consistency makes aspiration much less likely.**)

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