Friday, November 6, 2009

Starting The Day On My Knees

For the past two weeks, I have made one very solid commitment and I've stuck to it without a single lapse:

I have started each day on my knees.

I mean that literally. On the hardwood floor. On my knees. Before I put my contacts in. Before I pour my coffee. Before my husband or children open their eyes. I lower myself to my knees and bow my head in prayer...

You see, I prayed before... throughout my day... as I drifted off to sleep... when I was stuck in traffic... certainly when I was in church or someone asked for my prayers. This is not an entirely new concept or process for me. And I've prayed in the morning before too...

But rising before six every day and hitting my knees? Every single day? It didn't happen before.

It does now.

And you know what else has happened?

I'm a more patient mommy. A more loving wife. A more energetic homemaker. A more spirited playmate. A better listener. A more compassionate friend.

Oh, I am still human and, thus, deeply flawed in so very many ways.

But when I give the first fruits of my time to God, I see my blessings unfold... and I am hopefully a bit more of a blessing to those around me.
How about you? When do you pray? How have you seen your life change because of it?

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Allison said...

What an inspiring post!! It is so encouraging to hear of the difference this has made in your days. I recently began having my devotional time in the morning, before my house wakes up. I have noticed that my day seems to be smoother. Not because things don't go wrong, but because I have already spent time with Jesus, so my focus is different. I never realized such a small (although difficult) change would make such a difference. Thanks for sharing!

Ruth in the Desert said...

It certainly makes a difference in my attitude when I pray first thing. Well, not quite first thing. I make a hot beverage while I am just out of bed but still waking up, and then its fragrance puts me in prayer mode. I gaze out at the mountains and pray to the God who made them.

Amy @ Finer Things said...

I've made a commitment to get my Bible reading/devotions/prayer done before the kids wake up. My day goes much better (and I'm more productive!) when I start out that way.