Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Right Where She Needs To Be

C. sings for her class at their Halloween Party last Friday (that head full of hair belongs to her brother)

I'm inwardly celebrating a little bit today.

It's a big day for us.

And, by us, I mean my former-micropreemie-now-three-year-old daughter C. and me.

Today she is attending her very first "friend" birthday party. She thinks she's very big stuff. She probably thinks that's what's making her mama smile too.

It's not.

I'm celebrating because, the other day as I watched her preschool class enjoy their Halloween party, her teacher leaned over and told me,

"You know I've been doing testing for her upcoming review and I have to tell you- there are no cognitive goals for me to write anymore. She's just exactly where she's supposed to be!"

Praise God. And huge thanks to all the teachers and therapists who've helped her get so far.

I'm feeling mighty grateful.
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Teresa said...

Your post warmed this mom (and nanas) heart! How precious and God is so good. If you have time visit me at www.nanahood.com sometime. I love visitors.

Amy @ Finer Things said...

Awww, you credit the teacher's and therapists, and I'm sure they are wonderful... but... I know YOU'VE had much to do with her stellar progress. :)

Heather Benza said...

woo hoo!!!!

Crystal Darnell said...

I pray that one day in the future when Colton has had a chance to catch up that I too will hear those words from one of his teachers. You guys are an inspiration!