Thursday, January 21, 2010

The Big Girl Bed

C. is a little bitty thing.

Sometimes I think it's just because she's always next to her gigantic, off-the-charts brother that I think she's small, but that's not it.

She's just small.

Not real tall. Very light. Slender-boned and fine-featured.

Because of this, there was no "size reason" to move her out of her crib. And, since I don't seem to have the sort of children who try to get out of their cribs (we'll see about G- she's the one most like her mama and I was a terror about that sort of thing...), we were able to keep C. happily in her crib until her third birthday. Honestly, the only reason we were really motivated to convert it to a toddler bed was the fact that I was expecting and had lifting restrictions!

She just turned four on Christmas Eve and she's getting a little long for the toddler bed. She's nowhere near too heavy for it, but she takes up most of the length.


It was time for a big girl bed. A twin-size. All her own.

She got to go shopping for it. Just her and Daddy. I stayed home with the other two so they could peruse peacefully.

In the end, she wound up with a pretty, girly sleigh bed.

Getting bigger and stronger?

Graduating to a brand-new big-girl bed?

Spending one-on-one time with Daddy?

Getting to get up early so the furniture guys could deliver it at 6:57 am?

All Finer Things in my little girl's world...

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