Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Two Things

I am a girly girl. It's true. I love everything about being a girl from polishing my nails to giving birth. (And, yes, I was that girl with the perfectly pedicured toes sticking out as I pushed my son into this world...)

Anyway, it should therefore come as no surprise that I was also the one to get super excited when I was allowed to wear "real" jewelry, make-up, heels, and the like. I loved every minute of fussing over getting ready... choosing just the right outfit, matching my jewelry, curling my hair, doing my nails, etc, etc. I used to carve out huge chunks of time on Friday and Saturday evenings when I was in college to get ready to go out.

I have three kids now.

My world (and focus) has changed.

This doesn't change who I am at heart. So what's a girly girl to do?

Find two things.

That's my advice to you- find TWO things that make you feel polished. For me, I make sure I do two things before heading out the door, even if it's only to my kids' bus stop. I put on earrings and lipstick. That's it. With those two things in place, I feel feminine and put-together. I still like to fuss when I get the chance, but earrings and lipstick will get me through!

Your two things may be totally different- lots of women would place mascara way above lipstick, but I have naturally long, dark lashes but my lips are pretty pale (plus, my husband likes lipstick and that counts for something!)... It could be "a ponytail and a strand of pearls". Whatever. Just find your two things that make you feel polished and put-together.

People will be impressed. Trust me.

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