Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Nursing Through The Cold?

It's a backwards edition of Works For Me Wednesday over at We Are THAT Family today... a great chance to ask a question and seek some wisdom!

So here's something that's been giving me issues lately...

Like many of you (I imagine), we keep our heat on rather low through the winter. Our house is not new and it would cost a fortune to keep it at, say, 70 degrees with electric heat. We DO have a fireplace on our lower level but, with two 4-year olds and a six-month old, it's not something I want to mess with right now.


My first child was formula-fed and I exclusively pumped for my second. This third baby of mine is the first to be exclusively breastfed.

And that's great.

Except I'm cold. Really cold. I can't seem to keep my mid-section warm when I nurse her. And that's my question for you all...

How do you stay warm while nursing a baby through the cold months?

Thanks in advance for your advice!

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