Friday, January 15, 2010

Having An Epiphany

I heard a little voice behind me.

"Mama, I just had an epiphany."

I turned. There stood my almost-5-year old son, holding onto the art project he'd been working on.

"What was that, A? What'd you say?" I asked, certain I'd misunderstood.

"I had an epiphany- I think I could do the random spots at the same time as the legs and that would be faster for me."

Yep, I'd heard right. He'd said "epiphany". More than that, he clearly knew what it meant. It made my mama heart proud.

Perhaps even more significant? The fact that I know he learned that word when he recently asked me, on January 6th, what "Epiphany" meant and we talked about both the religious significance and the meaning of the word in everyday language.

They listen. Oh, do they listen. May we all remember that as we go through our days!
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