Thursday, January 7, 2010

G's New High Chair

I LOVE this high chair.

Our little baby G. doesn't have a ton of "new" things. She's baby #3, after all, and that's just the way it goes. But when we moved halfway across the country and bought a house with a FAR smaller kitchen than my last, well, space became an issue it hadn't been before. Added to that, I have to be brutally honest and confess that I must not have been the most thorough "high chair scrubber" with my second child because, well, it's kind of scungy looking.

Enter the Fisher Price Space Saver high chair. This baby hooks right onto a regular chair (kind of like a booster seat), but it has all the features of a traditional high chair. I especially love that it has different reclining positions- this is great for when baby isn't quite up to "unassisted sitting" yet. And, well, my husband loves the 5-point harness. For a guy who loves to say "safety first" all the time, that's a very nice feature. ;)

What else do I love? Oh, yeah. The price tag. At under fifty bucks, it wasn't a gigantic investment. A gift card we received back when she was born took care of it. (Thanks, Mr. and Mrs K.!) I had originally pondered getting a wooden high chair because they tend to take up less space. Even used, I couldn't find one for fifty dollars. This high chair worked for us both space-wise and economically.

Finally, I must admit that I enjoy that G. has something brand new and all hers. I love hand-me-downs. I do. I enjoyed them when I was growing up too (I'm also the third child), but I definitely liked having things that were "just mine". There's something nice about a brand, spankin' new, unstained, unripped, more "modern" seat for my sweet baby girl...

How about you? Did you purchase anything special and new for your second, third, or beyond child? (Other than diapers or opposite gender clothes, that it ;)). Tell me about it!

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