Thursday, February 4, 2010

Green Frosting... Hike!

My son has a January birthday. So when he wanted me to make a "football cake" for the occasion, I was completely okay with that. Super Bowl season is the best time to get football decorations!

I figured out pretty early on what kind of cake I was baking:

What I loved most about this cake was that it's just a simple 9x13" pan. No cutting, no stacking, no expensive form cake pans. Just a plain ol' 9x13". What I wasn't keen on? Shelling out the money to buy green paste color to get the field just right. I don't make a lot of "vivid" frostings and, thus, do not need a lot of intense colors cluttering up my cabinet. But, really, food coloring is NOT going to get you a grass green.

During our big monthly trek to Aldi, I happened to glance at a shelf of random stuff on my way to the check-out. Right in the middle of it?

For 69 cents.

People, I cannot MAKE frosting for that cheap. Did it taste as good as my homemade buttercream? Um, no. Did it mimic turf green and delight the kids? Yes, ma'am.

Keep your eyes open for holiday leftovers that can meet other needs! I'm kicking myself for not picking up a can of the red for Valentine's treats...

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