Thursday, March 4, 2010

Babies Drinking From Straws

At her six-month check-up, my baby girl was given the go-ahead to try sipping some water from a sippy cup. Since she's exclusively breastfed, she's never really taken a bottle so that's not something I even want to introduce. She's also never been one bit interested in a pacifier. I admit there are times when it may have been nice for her to like one, but, still, it's one less thing to have to wean from. I was pretty delighted to just go right to the sippy!

My girl? Not so thrilled with the whole thing. I gave her a hard spout and a soft spout. She wasn't overly fond of either. Then I offered her a straw.

I'm delighted to find these Munchkin cups that are relatively leak-proof, but offer a straw instead of a spout.

Not only is this simply my daughter's preferred method of drinking, but it's also a great one for other children too. I'm not saying that all 8-month olds need to be drinking from a straw... not at all. But the simple truth is that drinking from a straw is a socially acceptable way to consume beverages for, well, your whole life! It's a good skill to have. Drinking from a sippy cup? Well, that becomes age-inappropriate much sooner. And I've already made my thoughts on extended sippy cup use abundantly clear..

Great cup. Happy baby. Happy mommy.
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FYI: I bought my G's Munchkin cups when I discovered them. I was just so happy to have a leak-proof cup with a straw! I was not paid or in any way compensated for this post. If Munchkin needs a young model to demonstrate their awesome product, however, I've got someone in mind... ;)

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