Monday, March 1, 2010

My Story Monday... Getting Pregnant After A Preemie- Not Trying... And Not NOT Trying

When C. turned two, I was in excellent shape. That past summer, we had purchased a tread mill and I had put it to very good use. I also had a balance ball that I worked out on regularly and I had the abs to prove it. I felt wonderful and strong. Truthfully, I felt like I had back in the early Spring just before I got pregnant with my first child.

I remember that time of my life as being very content. We were all healthy and happy. Our just-turned-three son had finally (!) started to talk and that eased a lot of worries we'd been having. C. no longer needed any extra doctor visits for anything, save the eye doctor. My husband's job was secure and predictable. I had actually made a mommy-friend through preschool and was feeling less disconnected than I had in years.

THIS was the time when I started thinking I might be ready to have another baby. I wasn't in a rush, but I felt like, should it happen, I would be fully happy and ready. I also thought the likelihood of my getting pregnant had probably gone up significantly since I was no longer under great stress and I was in good shape.

But I didn't get pregnant. And that was okay too. I never felt desperate or depressed about it.

Life went on with our sweet little family.

Until C was 2 1/2 and I noticed a lump in my lower right abdomen. A lump that caused me a great deal of pain and would sometimes bring me to my knees. A lump that, eventually, caused me to see both my general practitioner and then my OB/GYN.

We scheduled surgery... and I signed the paper giving consent to the removal of my ovary if need be.

I was devastated.

My surgery was scheduled for November. I lined up guest posts so I could recover. We arranged child care for A. and C. so my husband could be with me. He took time off work so I could rest for a few days post-op.

On November 6th, my brother came to town and took my kids and me out to lunch. It was wonderful to see him and a great distraction from the pre-op tests and blood work I had to have later that afternoon! We had some yummy food and good laughs and then I rushed home to meet my husband so he could watch the kids while I went to the lab.

I breezed through all the surgery prep with no issues and headed home.

I was ready to enjoy my last weekend before the operation.

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