Friday, March 26, 2010

Cutting Coupons: You're Not Too Busy, part 4

Well, this will be my final segment on cutting coupons. So far, I've shared thirty-- yep, 30!!!-- opportunities to clip coupons during an average week. I've addressed cutting in the car, while you do your job, and with your children. If you haven't read through the comments yet, I encourage you to do so because my readers have some great tips! For this final part of the series, I'm offering ten more times to get some clipping done...

During "Things That Pop Up" (these will be times that are unlikely to occur during your daily life but the odds are very good that one of them will happen every couple weeks or so... great opportunities to get caught up on that clipping!)

  1. While waiting at the doctor's office- We all know it. You're going to have to wait. You may as well get something accomplished while you're doing it!
  2. While you get your oil changed- This is a great 15-20 minute stretch of time that is good for little else...
  3. While riding the bus/train- I have a very dear friend who has a baby and works full-time. She is legitimately busy. What does she have over me- a stay-at-home mom of three? Her 45 minute train ride to and from the city each day. Perfect opportunity to get a ton done!
  4. While sitting under the dryer- At the hair salon, that is. I don't happen to really go to the salon more than *ahem* once a year for a quick trim. But if you have a more regular routine going, you could use that "magazine flippin'" time to get some coupon clippin' done instead!
  5. While waiting for registration- Have you ever gone to register your child for an activity only to get stuck behind the dozen parents who did NOT complete all the pre-work and end up taking ages upon ages? No? Well then this might not work for you. But I seem to always land behind the unprepared people. If I remember this for the next time, I can get some stuff done while I wait!
  6. While waiting at the pharmacy- I'd love to think that I could always just breeze in and pick up my ready-and-waiting prescription but it doesn't always work that way...
  7. While waiting for a flight- This one is tricky because, well, now that I think about it, you can't really have scissors with you anymore, can you... but you could organize some stuff. And tear it if you're desperate... ;) (Am I the only one who has torn a coupon carefully out when I forgot my scissors???)
  8. While waiting for someone's arrival- Okay, here's the truth about me. If I've gone through the trouble of getting my home pristine before someone's arrival, there are very few things I'm willing to get out and work on lest I dirty what I just cleaned. Coupons do not create much of a mess, truly, and they're easy to scoop back up and toss in a drawer. If I'm expecting someone but I'm not sure exactly when they'll be here, coupons are something I can work on in the meantime.
  9. While your toenails dry- Oh, I wish this was a weekly event for me! I used to have the prettiest toenails on the block. I've slacked since having children, but I do try to keep them presentable during flip-flop weather!
  10. While you procrastinate on another chore- I am absolutely serious here. We all have some job that we just can't stand. We probably all manage to procrastinate large chunks of time away... you may as well get something done
The biggest lesson here is this-- if you're prepared and have your materials with you and at the ready, you can absolutely get those coupons clipped. Trust me... I have forty reasons that you're not too busy.

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