Friday, March 5, 2010

Cutting Coupons: You're Not Too Busy, Part 1

I hear it all the time:

"I'm too busy to cut coupons!"

I hear it from everyone. Stay-at-home-moms. Work-outside-the-home-moms. Young people. Older folks. Rich people. Those barely making it. And you know what? It's an excuse that doesn't hold water, no matter who you may be. Trust me-- there is someone out there who has more kids, works longer hours, and juggles more responsibilities than you and still manages to cut coupons.

For the next four Fridays, I'm going to be offering up a total of forty, yes, FORTY times during a typical week when you could get that coupon clipping done. Now, I'm not saying that all forty will necessarily apply to you. But I bet you can find a few...

For this first segment, here are ten times you can...

Clip in the Car

  1. While you wait for your kids- This right here is your number one time to clip coupons. We spend an awful lot of time waiting in cars at bus stops or outside of schools/gyms/libraries/etc.
  2. While you wait in a drive-thru lane- Especially at the bank or drugstore. These transactions tend to take a few minutes and, if you're prepared, you can get quite a bit done.
  3. When you're a few minutes early arriving someplace- If you don't need to go in the building for five or ten more minutes, may as well get some clipping done!
  4. When you have sleeping children in the backseat- Am I the only one this has happened to? If your babies fall asleep and don't transfer well, why not get some something done while you sit in the car with them? Play some happy music and CUT!
  5. When you're on a trip- If you're on a longer trip and you're not the only driver, you have the potential to get caught up on a lot of clipping.
  6. While you nurse a baby- If you have to feed your baby while you're out and you choose to do it in the car, you can get some clipping done. This takes a little juggling but most mommies will tell you that they learn to do all manner of things while nursing! (I often wonder just how many posts get written one-handed while feeding a baby...)
  7. While you pump gas- True, unless you drive a gigantic vehicle, you're not going to get much done while your gas pumps... but you could certainly breeze through 3 or 4 sheets of internet printables!
  8. When you're waiting on a friend- This is kind of like the kid thing. If you're waiting for a friend who you're picking up or meeting someplace, you can keep yourself busy rather than get frustrated if she's less-than-prompt.
  9. While you prep to go in the store- This is my least favorite option but, if need be, you can clip some coupons in the parking lot right before you run in. Sometimes I find myself with a few minutes of wait-time while I wait for someone with a cart to show up. (Occasionally those cart-retrievers are too on top of things!) It's difficult for me to schlep three kids five and under, a diaper bag, my coupons, and reusable grocery bags in the store without a cart. If this happens, I can clip some coupons while I wait!
  10. On your way to or from church- This is my very favorite time to get this chore done. The coupons come out in the Sunday paper anyway. If you go to church with your spouse, whoever is not driving can clip. Easy peasy!
Keeping your to-be-clipped coupons in a simple folder with a pair of scissors is really all you need to do to be prepared to get some clipping done in the car!

I'll be back again next Friday with ten more times you can get those coupons clipped!

How about you? Do you clip coupons in your car? When?

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