Monday, March 15, 2010

"My Story..." Monday: Getting Pregnant After A Preemie- The Fear Sets In

The first thing it seemed like I needed to do was convince my doctor's office that my pregnancy test had not, in fact, been "inconclusive". It was Tuesday morning and I was scheduled to go in for surgery at 5 am on Thursday. While the nurse had told me that they would be doing another test as part of surgery prep anyway, I really did not want to have to go through that whole hassle.

We had a school meeting that morning for our soon-to-turn-three-year-old daughter and, as a result, my husband had taken the morning off from work. It was nice to have him by my side as I called the doctor's office and made arrangements. This time, the nurse I spoke to apparently FOUND my records and she told me that she could see, plain as day, that the pregnancy test was positive and she said that they had already cancelled the surgery. In lieu of that appointment, she scheduled my first prenatal visit.

Next up? Telling our moms. We definitely had to tell my mother-in-law since she had planned on coming to our house Wednesday night and staying over to be there with the kids the next morning when I went in for surgery. My husband called her and told her that we didn't need her after all. When she wondered why not, he told her, "Because you're going have your ninth grandchild this summer!"

I wanted to call my mom too, of course. Not only did I just want to share the news, but I also had to tell people earlier since everyone was expecting me to go into surgery in two days! I called and told her that we had gotten the results of my pre-op lab-work and I wasn't fit for surgery. She was a little concerned and asked if they were planning to do it later on then. I answered, "Oh, yeah, I imagine they'll take care of it during my c-section..."

It became more and more real the more people I told.

I mentioned before that I had lined up some excellent guest posts to run during the week after my surgery. I realized that I should let these other bloggers know that, while I would welcome their posts, it was no longer critical that I have them. And so I emailed Ryann, Jessica, Amy, and Tiffany. I was delighted when they all sent me pieces to post here anyway.

If you have a second- especially if you missed them the first time around- please take a moment to read what these amazing women have to say about their own personal struggles with getting pregnant, staying pregnant, and caring babies safely to term:

Reading these stories was a definite reminder to me that pregnancy isn't always a walk in the park... and I'm not talking about morning sickness and swollen ankles. Things don't always go smoothly and sometimes there is devastation to face.

I was so excited to be pregnant with our third baby...

And so scared.

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