Tuesday, November 9, 2010


"She's a feisty one," they told us in the NICU. "That's good news. The feisty ones do better- we love a good fighter. Of course... just remember that you're the ones who are going to have to live with her."

How right they were.

I attended my almost 5 year old's annual review at the school last Thursday.

"Sweet", "friendly", "social", "loving", and "enthusiastic" were all used to describe my girl. Oh, and a few more things...

"Fiercely independent", "stubborn", "refuses help from others"...

Oh yeah.

And "feisty".

The trait that doctors say contributed to my daughter's amazing triumphs is also the one that teachers and therapists say makes it tough to help her progress.

But, at the end of the day...

Dear Lord, we are so glad we have to "live with her". We are so undeservedly blessed.

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