Friday, January 23, 2009

Pure, Free Joy

There are so many things we enjoy doing as a family. We love to have simple meals together. We love to play games. We laugh... a LOT.

One of the things that brings us all the greatest amount of fun are sing-along games we can play with our children. Here are some things that make "Ring Around the Rosie", "Row, Row, Row Your Boat", "London Bridge is Falling Down", etc. perfect ways to find joy with your children:

  • They are completely free- no equipment necessary.
  • They can be played indoors or out.
  • Even very young children can participate.
  • Older siblings or cousins can easily entertain younger ones this way.
  • Pretty much everyone knows them- you don't often have to teach someone how to play "Ring Around the Rosie".
  • Nobody wins or loses
  • They teach teamwork and cooperation.
  • They help build coordination.
  • They make for cute photo ops. :) -- fyi, mine are the littlest two in the above shot!
Some of my fondest memories involve watching our older nieces and nephews engage our toddlers in these games. It gave the older ones a sense of pride that they could successfully entertain the little ones. It made the young ones feel special to be included. Total win-win.

Pure, free joy is definitely one of the Finer Things in life! To see more Finer Things, check out Amy's brand new carnival starting this week!

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Sherry said...

Those games bring back so many memories! :D Definitely fun, frugal and fine! :D

Have a great weekend!

Amy @ Finer Things said...

I totally thought that was a professional "stock" photo. Beautiful!

Oh, I wish you lived closer. Our families could have some rip-roaring good times with The Wheels on the Bus and such. ;-)

Thanks for joining in!