Wednesday, January 14, 2009

What's the Delay Scenario?

I have two children who attend preschool- on opposing days- so I always have someone headed out the door. We are very fortunate in that our school district provides busing for them. All I have to is have them dressed, fed, bundled, and ready by 7:30 am. No problem.

We also live in north-central Indiana. We have some rough weather here (like many places)... dangerous windchills, blinding snow, and pea-soup fog are on our agenda with decent frequency. The result? Delays and closings.

When I was a little girl, I remember listening to the radio for school closing and delay information. You'd wait for your part of the alphabet and cross your fingers...

When I got into junior high and high school, my best friend's mom drove a school bus and thus was one of the very first to hear about any changes in schedule. That was fabulous because she'd call me and I'd be in the loop before the media!

I have no such connections these days. But I do have a computer. Through the winter months, when the alarm goes off shortly after six, I shuffle to the computer and pull up our school's website to have such information right at my fingertips. No waiting for the name to scroll across the TV... No waiting for the list to be read over the radio... No noisy phone calls to wake my still-snoozing children. If there's no school, I can pour myself a cup of decaf and head back to the warm covers and read for a few minutes... without having woken another soul!

Online school notifcations work for me!

If you have children attending a public or private school, how do you keep track of any closings or delays?


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The Frugal Angel-Guided Psychic said...

I use the computer too! Here in Minnesota it looks like the major networks don't post delays or closings at night on TV like they used to but you can go to their Internet site and see what's going on. Silly, I think.

Works for me too!

Jennifer said...

See, I love the phone call. It usually comes when we are all still asleep and then we get to keep on sleeping! I figure if I don't get a call then school is on for sure.

Amy @ Finer Things said...

Hubs is a teacher, so we get the call first! (I still like to look at the internet, though.) I should add that to my list of perks, because the list is a bit short. ;-)