Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Using Little Pockets Of Time

When I have something cooking on the stove or something under the broiler... or when I'm baking cookies, I seem to have these little 3-5 minute pockets of time. The thing is... I really can't leave the kitchen to do anything. I'm notorious for letting those few little minutes turn into a longer stretch and then, well, bad things can happen!

And here's the thing- it's not like I don't have plenty of short little tasks that need to be accomplished. Sometimes getting those little things done is just as hard as the bigger things when you have two little ones underfoot! What really works for me is keeping a basket on my counter filled with quick things that need to be done. At any given moment, here's a sampling of what you might find in my basket:

  • Paperwork or forms for my childrens' school that need to be filled out.
  • Thank you notes and stamps to write and send.
  • Coupons still waiting to filed or cut out (especially ones I've printed from the computer).
  • Little garments in need of small mending jobs (e.g. replacing a button or fixing a seam).
  • A necklace that need to be de-tangled.
  • A bill that needs to be paid and isn't set up online.
  • Information or pamphlets that I've been "meaning to read".
These seemingly insignificant things rarely make it onto my "to-do list". But if I let them fall through the cracks, they quickly snowball into a huge project. Keeping them at my fingertips helps me use my little pockets of time wisely and helps me avoid the temptation of wandering off!

What do you do with your "little pockets of time"? Do you have a method for accomplishing those little pesky tasks that need to get done? Please share with everyone in the comments!

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Amy @ Finer Things said...

I try to work on the next week's menu plan, then it doesn't hit me all at once. That's the theory, anyway!