Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Storing Baby Clothes

Here's a little background just so you know our family situation:

  1. I have children of both genders.
  2. My husband and I have very generous family and friends.
  3. We are both the youngest children in our respective families and our older siblings all have children older than our own.
  4. We live in a house with an unfinished basement and an attic unsuitable for storage.
What all this means is that we have a whole of lot of baby and toddler clothing that our two 3-year olds have outgrown. We have received wonderfully generous hand-me-down contributions over the years in addition to a large array of new garments. While I have no qualms about tossing torn or stained items beyond repair, I hold on to most everything else. It's nice to know that there's a plentiful stockpile of clothes awaiting this next baby, boy or girl.

While we are blessed with hand-me-downs, we are not blessed with storage. Fortunately, there is an extra closet in our son's room with floor to ceiling shelves.

From the time my little boy outgrew all his 0-3 month clothes, I have packed away the clean, folded, and labeled baby clothes into empty diaper boxes. I tape up the box and label it with the gender, size, and season (if applicable).

The boxes go on the shelves.

It's not rocket science, but I can't tell you how nice it's been to be able to quickly access the "6-9 month baby girl clothes" to pass on to my sister-in-law without any digging, sorting, or repackaging. It works for me!

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FishMama said...

Excellent organizing! It's a lifesaver. Do you put anything in the boxes to prevent bug issues, like bay leaves?

JessieLeigh said...

FishMama- Blessedly, we've never had bug issues... the only thing I put in there is a dryer sheet (just because I like the way they smell!). I'm not sure if that has any bug-repelling properties! :)

Ryann said...

Since Grace, my niece was born just 4 days before Addy, but at full term, we've been lucky to be just one size away from them. They have great friends and family who have been very generous with the hand me downs. We add to that the things we have purchased or have been gifted. We have a lot of girl's clothing to pass back to my sister in the event they would have another. Since Addy will be an only child, no need to keep the clothes for ourselves. I have kept my favorite outfit from each size just to see how much she's grown.

Blue Castle said...

Good organizing ideas! Much better than digging through everything. :)