Monday, July 12, 2010

Death By Chocolate

... because, really, what better way is there to go? ;)

1/2 chocolate cake, baked according to 9x13" directions, cut into strips (It is easiest to use a cake mix for this recipe, but "from scratch" would taste awesome too. It's good to freeze the other half a cake... this makes your "second batch" of Death By Chocolate a real breeze!!)
1 package chocolate pudding, prepared
3 cups Cool Whip (or equivalent whipped cream- Cool Whip is easier... it's also not really cream. Use whatever your little heart desires!)
4 full-size (or about a dozen mini) candy bars of your choice (our faves are Heath, Butterfinger, or York peppermint patties!), chopped or crushed

Layer ingredients in glass bowl in order listed to form 2-3 full layers (number of layers will just depend on the dimensions of your bowl- some are wider, some are deeper), ending with crushed candy. Store chilled until serving. :)

This is such a fun summertime dessert! So many times, "warm weather sweets" are all fruity... and there's nothing wrong with fruit. But when you're ready for something a little more decadent and still refreshing on a hot day? This is a good one to try!

photo credit (This is NOT my picture- because my memory card is still in, ahem, INDIANA- but it looks very similar to how my recipe turns out!)

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