Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Vacation Cereal

I completely and totally stole this idea from my big sister. What can I tell you? She's very wise. And she doesn't have a blog. ;)

Not long ago, I had some 80-cent off coupons for, of all things, Froot Loops. We really don't buy Froot Loops around here. So what did I do with them? Passed them off to my sister.

I did this, not because she makes a habit of feeding her kids sugar-laced breakfast cereal, but because she was about to head off on vacation to stay in a cabin where they'd be buying groceries. And, for my nephews, that meant...

Vacation cereal.

See, two years ago (when I first started this blog, as a matter of fact), we went on a big family trip to Niagara Falls. The hotel where we stayed stocked Froot Loops as one of their breakfast buffet options. Our kids were all unfamiliar with these things! Of course, we let them try them. Unfortunately (ha!), they liked them.

Does this mean they should get sugary cereal all the time? Nope. But my brilliant sister dubbed it "vacation cereal" and that was that. When they go away? They get to eat Froot Loops. At home? They know it's not an option.

Super-sweet cereals are not the end of the world. Neither should they really be everyday fare.

Vacation cereal makes everyone happy. And that works for me.*

*For the record, it also works for her super-organic-healthy-food-loving-pediatrician. He thought it was a wonderful compromise!

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