Tuesday, September 21, 2010

A Desk For Baby

I mentioned that my husband is a big fan of Doritos. I like them sometimes too. I also have a recipe or two that call for the chips.

We do one big, monthly Aldi shopping trip. It takes an hour and a half, total, to make the drive there, so we try to get everything done at one time.

Sometimes, we buy a case of their tortilla chips. It's easier to just haul the box with twelve bags out of the store than it is to bag up eight individual bags.

The box is a pretty good size, but definitely not suitable for "play house" type play like those awesome appliance boxes can be.

I would have trashed it.

My four- and five-year olds had other ideas.

Armed with stickers and crayons, they flipped it over and decorated for over an hour. When finished? My son declared...

"It's a desk for the baby!"

Not bad, kiddos, not bad.

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