Monday, September 27, 2010

Ten Ridiculously Easy Ways to Delight Your Children This Week

We all want to delight our children... right? But, well, sometimes I see ideas for crafts that, while darling and impressive, just seem overwhelming for where I'm at on that particular day. And sometimes I read about amazing adventures people design for their children and I think, "Wow! What an awesome mom!" but... do I do it? Not usually. Does that mean I can't be a rockstar in my kids' eyes? No way! I don't have to spend a dime... or even a lot of time. Here are ten EASY ways to delight your children. Want to join me in keeping it simple and special?
  1. Cut their sandwiches in triangles. Yes, you could earn bonus points for using cookie cutters but- really- these are super simple ideas I'm offering up for today!
  2. Wake them up with a song. I love the first verse of "Good Morning, Beautiful"- true, it's a love song. But that verse works perfectly! Seems cheesy, I know... but it's such a happy way to be greeted.
  3. Let them wear their favorite colors. I'm actually just not laid-back enough to give my children carte blanche when it comes to choosing their own garments... I'm not willing to permit things that are inappropriate for the weather! But can I make sure C. gets a pink shirt? Yes. I sure can. And that makes her day.
  4. Draw a smiley on their food. You can use about anything for this- ketchup, raisins, chocolate chips, jelly... whatever fits with what you're serving!
  5. Leave a random note laying around that says "____ is a super star!" I do this occasionally and it always makes that child's day... so simple!
  6. Serve dessert after lunch.
  7. Ask them for help. Sincerely. As in, "I really could use some help making this grilled cheese sandwich... would you mind helping me?"
  8. Thank them- sincerely- after they've helped you. Yes, I know. It would have been easier- and cleaner- to have done it by yourself. Nonetheless. Show real gratitude.
  9. Give them each a new responsibility- not necessarily a "chore", mind you. At least, not in so many words. Make your daughter the "Queen of the Cushions" who is responsible for making sure the couch pillows are where they belong each evening. Make your son "Sir Recycler" and have him put the cans and what-not in the bin for you. Be sure to use their proper names.
  10. Go for a walk. I don't care if you walk ONE BLOCK. Go outside and walk with them. It is so good for all of you.
I'm committing to doing two of these things each day for the rest of the week... it's going to be easy-peasy. Care to join me?

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