Monday, September 27, 2010

Menu Plan: 9/26- Quick & Easy Home-Cooked Fare

What a fun weekend we had, catching up with old friends and snuggling their baby girl (who is just 4 months younger than our own!) After frolicking on the beach, we headed back to the house and I cooked up Poor Man's Chicken Parmesan while my friend's hubby mixed up a fruity sangria. Lots of laughter and full tummies followed!

For this week, I'm serving up some quick and easy meals, none of which come from the freezer.... I'm just not a "once a month" kind of cook. I truly enjoy spending time cooking each day! So, here we go...


B-Egg Bake w/ Sausage, Onions, Tomatoes, Mushrooms, and Cheese, OJ (my best friend's hubby cooked- he's like my honorary brother-in-law...)
L-Taco Bell on the road
D-Grilled Ham & Cheese Sandwiches, Grapes, Peas


B-Oatmeal w/ Apples & Cinnamon, Milk
L-P,B,&J, Carrot Sticks, Water
D-Pasta (shells this time) w/ Sausage, Mushrooms, & Cheese


B-PB Toast, Raisins, Milk
L-Laura's Mac 'n Cheese (made with shells and white cheddar), Broccoli, Water
D-Tomato Soup, Italian Wedding Soup, Italian Cheese Bread


B-Cereal, Yogurt, Water
L-Leftover Cheese Bread, Pepperoni, Applesauce, Water


B-Jelly Toast, Cheese, Juice
L-Leftover Peanut Noodles, Apple Slices, Milk
D-Chili Dogs, Carrot Sticks


B-Smoothies, Fruit
L-Cheesy Beans & Rice, Water
D-Mushroom & Bacon Pizza (a fave of hubby and the kids)


L-Hot Dogs, Applesauce
D-Ground Chicken Burgers (I'll season these up like crazy- the beauty of ground chicken is that it really picks up the flavor of herbs and spices!), Corn

Last week, I tried Tuna Casserole for the first time. I might make it again- because my kids liked it- but I just can't get used to "hot" tuna. I'll stick to eating mine in a sandwich...

I also experimented with a Stuffed Meatball Sandwich. These were a hit! My son suggested that I hang a "Subway" sign over our door. ;) I used Kate's recipe for stuffed breadsticks and just made them MUCH larger, stuffed with meatballs, sauce, and mozzarella cheese. Yum!

Have you ever taken "artistic license" with a recipe and created something great?

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