Friday, September 12, 2008

Frugal Forays with Your Preemie

When you finally bring your preemie home, you'll be scared to go anywhere. And that's all hunky-dory for awhile. But eventually, you're going to get sick of staring at the same four walls. And that's understandable! Here are five inexpensive, essentially "safe" places to go with your baby:

  1. To a park. Preferably one with a walking trail. Getting some movement and fresh air will be good for both of you and this enables you to be in the presence of others without having them right on top of you and your infant.
  2. To a mall or grocery store at an "off-peak" time. Try hitting the mall at 10:00 AM on a Wednesday. You'd be amazed how few people are around. Walk around, window shop, enjoy the scenery without being part of a germ-y crowd.
  3. To a drive-thru ice cream or coffee shop. In my experience, the outdoor tables at these places are often almost deserted. Because I brought my daughter home in the late Spring, I loved to sit by myself at a picnic table with her safely tucked in her infant seat and enjoy a single scoop of peppermint stick.
  4. To a drive-in movie. This isn't a "free" option, to be sure, but it can be a nice way to "get out in the world" without sacrificing the safety of your child.
  5. To a church service. Just pick the least popular worship time and act like you're Catholic. By "act like you're Catholic", I mean, keep your child with you. Catholics, by and large, have their babies and toddlers by their sides throughout the whole Mass. You won't find a lot of church nurseries going on. And this is safer for your baby (though perhaps more work for you). By keeping your child with you, you can choose to sit in a more isolated section. Also consider keeping your preemie tucked in the infant seat with a blanket pulled up quite high. This will deter many touchy-feely types.

I firmly believe it's crucial to keep your child as safe and protected as possible. Preemies, by nature, are more susceptible to all manner of illness.

I was also not one to stay captive in my home. I think it's important to at least see other people. To get fresh air. To move around and experience things you love.

So get out there! Be safe. Be frugal. But have fun!

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Anonymous said...

"Act like you're Catholic" that cracks me up. I AM Catholic and I guess I just never thought of my children not being in church with me. Cute!

JessieLeigh said...

We're Catholic too. It wasn't until I was an adult that I realized some people DON'T keep their kids with them in the pew! Not gonna lie to you- there are times I envy them the option of attending a service with no "little distractions". But it is better for your kiddos, germwise, to keep 'em by your side. : )

Heidi said...

Great ideas! We have a 23 week preemie that was home on oxygen until 10 months old. When I was desperate to get out for a brief break we would visit the local library. I kept him in his carseat with a blanket over it or would wear him in a baby sling. The library was surprisingly empty during the days and I could sit and read for a bit. I carry hand sanitizer on my keychain (even now!) so I could at least wipe my hands down before touching him while we were out, after I touched door handles and such.