Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Using the Handy-Chopper

I have to admit something. When my husband received the Black & Decker Handy-Chopper as a wedding gift from one of his customers, I kind of laughed about it. I believe my exact words were, "Hmm, well that was nice of them. Not that I'll ever use this thing for anything, but still..." At the time, we were a young couple living in a condo in South Florida.

Fast forward to having two little ones and abundant fruit trees in the Indiana countryside.

Now, you can certainly buy perfectly good applesauce and pureed pears. Gerber, Beechnut, et al do a wonderful job. And it's rather easy and handy to grab those cute little jars (for I far prefer the old fashioned jars to those newfangled plastic packs) off the shelf.

What's even easier?

Picking apples and pears off your own trees, cooking them until they're soft, and tossing them in the Handy-Chopper.

I love the perfect "baby-food-making" size of it. I also love that it's tiny enough to toss in the dishwasher when you're done. I don't even mind admitting I was wrong.

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Zimms Zoo said...

So I pilfered one of these from my grandma's house when we were moving out by my parents. No one noticed and I love it. I bet it is about 15 years old. She said she used it once and it sat on her counter ever since.

I am expecting number 6 and this little tip about baby food size is handy. I alsways used a hand crank style grinder with the other ones. This would be so much handier.