Monday, September 8, 2008

Help me out: Seeking pumping tips!

As you may know, I'm doing a pumping series this week because it is something I feel strongly about. I also think that pumping mamas need all the support they can get!

I already talked about making the decision to start pumping. Tomorrow, I'll be writing about "keeping it up".

I consider myself a pumping success story and I have some of my own advice to offer, but I know there are those of you out there who pumped far longer than I did and who overcame supply challenges.

What are your best tips?
What encouragement can you offer moms who are having a hard time pumping more than a tiny bit?
How did you stay committed to the process?

Leave your best practices in the comments section or email me at:
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Ryann said...

Although I never really blamed myself for not being able to keep Addy in my belly for longer, I felt it was the least I could do for her. It was the only thing I could control while she was in the NICU. A month at a time went by when I couldn't even hold her, so it was my way of feeling like her mommy. I would pump in the pumping room in the NICU, at home, and in the bathroom at work. I splurged and downloaded the game tetris to my cell phone. I knew I could get 3 games of tetris in during a pumping session, so it was my way to pass the time and keep time. It was a nice break from the crazy NICU and a nice break from a hectic work day. I excusively pumped, Addy never took to breastfeeding, which was fine with me. I was able to provide her with about 9 months worth of breastmilk. I encourage every mom to do what is best for their family. For us, it was breastmilk.

Nancy Brown said...

I am one of those moms that couldn't produce more than a few ounces TOTAL. Ok so it was 1 ounce total from both. BUT I still did what I could.

I had complications from my csection so I had other issues that played into how long etc. I wish I would have been able to do it longer but oh well.

Here is my suggestions:

Pump as soon after birth as you can. The sooner you pump the faster and hopefully more colstrum you get.

Drink lots of water, or fluids.

Pump every 2 hours giving yourself a break at night. I never went longer than 5 hours at night but would get up and pump and head back to bed.

Pump with something that smells like baby or that you can give to baby to have because it smells like mom.

Contact the lactation specialist in the hospital.

Fenugreek and reglan do work but check with the babies doc. Sometimes they don't want other "stuff" added because it does pass through the milk.

Those are all I can remember right now