Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Re-using Formula Scoops

While I was very fortunate that pumping went well for us and I was able to provide expressed breast milk to my preemie daughter, I still had to use specialty formula. Breast milk contains, on average, 20 calories per ounce. By design, standard formula contains the same. Tiny preemies like C. need all the calories they can get. We added powdered NeoSure Advance formula to the breast milk in order to nudge the calories from 20 to 24 per ounce.

When you find yourself buying formula, you also find yourself with a boatload of these little scoops:
They rolled around my utensil drawer and seemed to multiply exponentially. Eventually, I tossed a bunch of them, but I still keep a few around. And we no longer use formula in this house.

But here's why I like them: The ones that came in our formula cans measured exactly 1 1/2 tablespoons. In addition to measuring formula, here are some other great uses for formula scoops:
  • measuring baby cereal
  • measuring coffee grounds
  • measuring spices that tend to be used liberally, e.g. parsley
  • transferring spices from bulk containers to smaller "cabinet-sized" jars
  • adding streusel to the tops of muffins
  • applying glitter to small spots for crafts
  • measuring/scooping messy materials that you do not want to have to wash off- just measure and toss
Whenever you're met with dozens of the same item after the original product is gone, re-purposing is the name of the game!

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