Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Double Umbrella Stroller

When I first brought C. home, she was four months old. My son was just shy of 15 months and not yet walking. It was imperative that I have a double stroller! Lucky for me, my sister had one to lend and it served us well for the better part of that year. It was a traditional Graco double stroller that looked a lot like this:

I really liked that stroller. But, to be honest, even though I drive a mid-size SUV, that thing took up most of the rear storage. And forget about taking it on a long trip.

Shortly after C's first and A's second birthdays, I started researching tandem umbrella strollers. My husband and I ended up buying a Jeep - Wrangler All Weather Twin Sport Umbrella Stroller. Our kids loved sitting side-by-side and, while it was a tight squeeze through doorways, for the most part it was far easier to navigate. Best of all, the tandem umbrella folded up small enough to lay across the rear floorboard, leaving the entire rear of the vehicle open for stowing.

A tandem umbrella is not necessary for a lot of families. In fact, I think it's probably most useful to parents of twins. Or, in my case, very closely spaced siblings. But it's a tool I would not have wanted to live without!

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FishMama said...

I have had that Graco since babies 2&3 were little. A definite necessity with close siblings. If it weren't so late in the game, I would check out this umbrella one.

Ryann said...

We'll never have a need for a double stroller at our house. Glad you found some that worked for you!