Sunday, November 16, 2008

Seven Years and Counting...

My husband and I met as college students, some eleven years ago... but today marks seven years of marriage for us.

Here are some things this marriage has brought me for which I am so very grateful...
  • A handsome, dark-haired man who still opens the door for me.
  • A delightful little girl who will perhaps choose to wear her Bama's bridal head-piece someday just like I did... that crown made me feel like a princess.
  • Our incredibly tall, undeniably loving son who was our first great achievement together.
  • An understanding of struggle that I had never known before.
  • An incredible discovery of a person I could always, always count on to catch me.
My husband has been called to take on stress and challenges beyond what anyone should have to face- when I was 6 1/2 weeks pregnant with our daughter and laying in an emergency room being told I was likely miscarrying, his father was three floors above me in the ICU. He ran between us and balanced the load and shouldered the burden of being a source of strength to me, his mother, and his two sisters.

Here's to seven amazing years... and as many more as we're blessed with.


FishMama said...

Sweet! Love the hand in the pocket in the kiss picture. Demonstrates a quiet confidence in you. ;)

Anonymous said...

wow! beautiful pictures! - Tiffany

Ryann said...

Happy Anniversary!