Thursday, April 8, 2010

Kids' Toothpaste

Have you see these toothpastes before?

Or maybe this kind?

What about this neat-o tube with Elmo on it?

Those marketing people are geniuses. They're banking on a few things:
  1. Your kids will whine and beg for these products because of the nifty-snifty characters they have on them.
  2. You'll buy whatever you have to in order to get your kids to brush their teeth.
  3. You'll buy into the hype that, for some reason, children require pastes that taste like bubblegum or berry punch.
But you know what? While you can manage to score a decent deal on those kids' toothpastes by combining a coupon and a sale, I've never managed to find a way to get them for free. And, believe me, I get free toothpaste all. the. time.

And here's what those marketing people won't tell you...

Cartoon characters may get kids excited, but you know what else gets them excited? Getting to be like the "big people".

And so here's our kids' toothpaste:

Minty-fresh. Easy. And, oh yeah, free.

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