Thursday, April 15, 2010

Saving Money at the Grocery Store: Local Contacts

I'm far and away the biggest "deal-shopper" in my family-- either side, for that matter. I'm the one who matches all the sales and coupons and saves 75+% with staggering regularity.

But get us together and here are some things you'll hear:

from Dad to sis, "Hey, they had canned clams marked way down at Big Y."

from my mother-in-law to me, "Eggs are 69 cents a dozen right now at Walmart."

from me to sis, "Did you see that they had unbleached flour for a buck at Northville?"

from Dad to me, "I saw they had whole chickens for 89 cents a pound..."

from me to Mom, "Stop & Shop has a good deal on yogurt right now... I found coupon blinkies right next to the display..."

from me to my brother-in-law, "They marked the canisters of steel-cut oats down to 89 cents at Aldi!"

It's all just casual conversation. It's not some big discussion about grocery shopping or the merits of couponing or any of that. It's just little snippets in passing.

And you know what?

It saves us money. We may not jump on every deal we hear about, but we're able to file those little nuggets away and use the ones that work for us.

The bloggy world is far-and-away my best source for finding good deals, but there's something to be said for having local family and friends with whom you share deals too. For one, the deals they mention are easy for you to get to... that's the beauty of "local". Added to that, they're less likely to bother telling you about sales on things you never buy anyway and that saves a little time and energy. People who shop the exact same stores as you can let you know of specific items on close-out or the marked-down shelf. Handy!

Sharing deals with local contacts saves me money. How about you?

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