Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Hi, I'm Jessie Leigh. And I'm a Christian.

I'm also Catholic.
Mmm hmm. Catholic. AND Christian. Really, all Catholics are Christian. Believing in Christ is at the very foundation of our faith.

If you're reading this and going, "Well, yeah, JessieLeigh... no kidding. Of course you're a Christian if you're Catholic..." then feel free to stop right here. You don't need to read the rest of this (though you're more than welcome to).

But if you happen to be one of those much beloved friends and acquaintances of mine who has had this conversation with me:

"Are you a Christian?"
"Yes, I'm Catholic."
"But are you a Christian?"

... well, then, I ask that you perhaps stick with me for just a little bit more.

My beliefs may be slightly different from yours. You may think the Catholic church has got a lot of things wrong with it. You may think we're bizarre for worshiping Mary (which we don't, fyi-we honor her as the mother of our King, but I digress...). That's all good. There are so many different denominations within the whole of Christianity that I would have to be a fool to get all upset about those things...

I do not think I am a greater or lesser Christian than a Baptist, Methodist, Lutheran, etc, etc... My faith is what it is, and I am happy to defend it while being unwilling to attack other Christians for what may be different about their beliefs...

Perhaps Christianity is even greater than the sum of all her parts.

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