Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Using Small Plates

Whenever I post photos of food on here, I think the plate looks abundantly full. That's how it always looks set in front of me too.

It's because I use small plates.

Yep, that's right. The "dinner plates"? Those only get dragged out for company or for prep. We use the smaller "salad plates" for our meals.
I truly believe that part of feeling satisfied is visual... if my plate is full, then I feel full.
Don't think this only applies to me, either... that plate of shrimp rotini was my husband's. He seems happier with a plate brimming with food but, quite frankly, just because he's a man doesn't mean he needs some ginormous amount of food.

Bonus? I can fit more of the small plates in the dishwasher.

And when it comes time for dessert? Well, I serve that up on saucers.
It's all relative, my friends.

What tricks do you use to make your food stretch further?

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