Monday, May 24, 2010

Scrambled Eggs With Bacon

My family loves bacon. They love it. (I can honestly take it or leave it but, since I have a troop of bacon lovers in my home, I definitely make it!) We all adore eggs. Eggs and bacon are a standard breakfast for so many people, but I find that bacon can get pricey. My three children are all young but, between them and my husband, it's pretty easy to kill off a pound of bacon. That's not something our budget can afford to do with great regularity.

How to get that same egg and bacon taste and keep it easy on the wallet?

Scrambled Eggs With Bacon

5-6 strips of bacon, cut into small pieces before cooking (I prefer a sharp knife for this job, but kitchen shears work well too)

10-12 eggs
pepper, to taste

Brown up your bacon bits over medium heat until most fat is rendered.

Drain off about 2/3 of that fat and reserve for later use. (Keep that fat, people! Nothing is yummier for cooking up eggs or for starting your sausage gravy!)

While bacon is cooking, scramble up your eggs and season with a little pepper.

No salt is needed, as the bacon is salty enough.

Pour eggs over bacon pieces and remaining grease and cook through, turning frequently with a spatula.
Because the bits of bacon are scattered throughout your egg, you get to enjoy the flavor throughout the meal. Since eggs are far less expensive than bacon (at least in my neck of the woods), you'll save money by only using a third to a half a pound of meat.

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