Tuesday, October 6, 2009

The Power Of Conversation

Have you ever had a conversation with someone that seemed fairly brief and useless only to find out that it would end up changing the course of your day?

That happened to me yesterday.

About three weeks ago, I waited outside with my son for his bus. As one pulled up at our neighbor's drive, I started to load my son on. A short chat with the driver revealed that this was NOT, in fact, his bus. Interestingly enough, he would be riding on a different bus that was due to arrive fifteen minutes later. Okay. End of story.

For the past few weeks, A. has happily ridden bus 41 with the other driver and that was the end of that. Until yesterday.

Bus 41 broke down and A. was set to have to wait for a replacement, possibly up to an extra hour. But the driver of the other bus, bus 46, heard the conversation on the radio and remembered his name and where we lived. She radioed in that she could swing by and pick him up and have him at the school at his regular time. And so she did.

I am grateful that I had that conversation. Glad that I'm a "chatty" kind of a gal who enjoys talking to people and who, somehow, was memorable. ;) You never know when that person who had no purpose in your life could wind up saving the day...
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